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Accommodations, places to stay in Shanghai city center (Pudong, Bund)

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Hotel near Pudong airport : Ramada, Holiday Inn, Hong Gang, Jinjiang Inn

Jinjiang Inn Pudong Airport Hotel : - Reservation +86 21 6835 3568)
Ramada Pudong Airport Hotel : - Phone number +86 21 3849 4949
Shanghai Da Zhong Merrylin Air Terminal Hotel - Phone : +86 21 5138 8888
Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Phone : +86 21 5830 6666
Hong gang Hotel - Reservation: +86 21 62693018

Hotel close to Hongqiao airport: Sheraton

Sheraton Grand Tai Ping Yang Hotel - Telephone: +86 21 6275 8888

Pudong Airport transfer services - Shuttle - Bus - Taxi - Maglev Train

Bus - Coach services: 8 lines to city center (Railway station, Hongkou football stadium, City Air Terminal, ...) and Hongqiao airport - Max price: 20 Yuans (1,5$)
Maglev Train: The Maglev - magnetic levitation train (fastest in the world with 581km/h), connects airport to metro Longyang station - Book tickets
Taxis: Metered taxis are available at the official stand outside the arrivals hall. Approximate cost of one way transfer to city center: 140 RMB (10$) to Pudong and 170 RMB to Shanghai city center (12$) - inclusive of one 15 RMB Toll.
Shuttle transfer services: More details please visit -  Shanghai airport shuttle


Hotels in Shanghai

This page is dedicated to Shanghai City - Pudong hotels and accommodations and also features information about taxi, bus and airport shuttle services. Find the best room rates for your travel dates.